At SYC, we know that the strength of our organisation is the passionate people who choose to work here.

In 2006, Job Prospects at Salisbury received an application from Matt Pill. Matt had previously spent many years in retail – managing sports stores – and in recruitment services. Through both of these roles, he grew a wealth of expertise in helping young people to gain experience and training in work.

Matt then spent seven years working in employment services through Job Prospects. During that time he became increasingly interested in our youth services, delivered under the HYPA brand.

“In my previous roles, I really enjoyed working with young people and having that sort of vibe in my work. So when the opportunity came up with HYPA, I went for it!” Matt said.

Now, having spent a further five years as a Work Ready Coach in HYPA’s Transition to Work program, Matt has invaluable insight into youth employment. He explains that patience and perseverance are some of the most important qualities in his work.

“Working at SYC has really influenced my values and beliefs. It’s given me a heightened sense of community and the importance of helping people.

“Sometimes, the cohort we work with, they come from really different upbringings and circumstances to mine. You have to try to understand where they’re coming from and give them a bit more leeway so that you can get the outcome you’re both looking for in the end,” Matt said.

Matt is well known at SYC and in the community for his ability to build rapport and connect with those he works with.

“I know when I’m talking to employers, that a lot of them have had not so great experiences with agencies and clients. So I make sure to be honest and upfront, respecting their time and the way they work. Just treating people the way you want to be treated will generally get you the results that you’re looking for as well. You have to keep building good relationships,” Matt said.

When asked if he likes working at SYC, Matt says that he loves it! He cites reasons like dedicated colleagues, good work – and the occasional office prank.

“Over the years I’ve seen countless examples of various SYC team members going above and beyond to help our clients. And not just doing it to gain recognition, win a competition or get a bonus. Simply because they care about it.

“I love being inspired by people doing good things for other people and that’s quite a common thing here.”

A previous client of Matt’s, Robert Wilson, recently reached out to compliment Matt on the work he had done years ago.

Robert said, “I had just lost my job at Holden due to them closing down. Matt really helped me with interview skills, cold calling and handing in resumes in person. I felt like Matt actually cared about us doing well in life.”

Robert is now a fair way through his electrical apprenticeship. He says that Matt’s help was important when he was looking for work.

“I wouldn’t have had as much confidence in interviews or cold called so many companies if I hadn’t worked with Matt,” Robert added.