Our latest find in our hunt through the archives for 60 Stories is ‘Out of the Frypan,’ a cook book and information guide created in 2003, as part of an SYC life skills and employment program.

This is something that raised our attention because SYC’s Youth Leadership Team is currently revisiting this idea and creating a similar cookbook, with a focus on affordable, simple cooking ideas.

The spiral bound book is in black and white with no glossy pictures, although we could see it was created 15 years ago, we were interested to see how relevant the information is to young people today. This includes; food hygiene, general helpful hints, budgeting support, nutrients required by the body, shopping guides and over 90 easy and tasty, budget friendly recipes.

HYPA Housing coordinator, Michael Steven, says cooking is a skill that many of our young people today lack and they are often looking for simple meal ideas that are cheap, easy to prepare and taste good.

“Many of the young people we see are often not taught how to cook growing up and when they move into their own home they need support learning how to prepare meals,” he said.

“Cook books created for young people are great because they can provide specific recipes that are easy, cheap and nutritious. Cooking also provides a creative outlet and once confident many young people love experimenting and trying out different recipes. This is something that hasn’t changed over time,” he said.

The internet today is often a go to for recipes, but many young people are overwhelmed by the choice, unsure of ingredients and cooking terms. Basic information for beginners in ‘Out of the Frypan’ is a great introduction and reference point for many young people and new cooks.

Update: June 26, 2018

SYC’s Youth Leadership Team have been eagerly trying out recipes for their updated beginners cook book. They are focusing on meals that can be made by young people who don’t have access to a full kitchen or many ingredients.

YLT members decided that individual cakes was a great first project.


YLT members use mugs to make the cakes in a microwave.

Staff member Reece happy to be the quality tester.