Back in 2014, Nicole was working as a Crew Trainer at McDonalds and training to be a Manager.

Even with a good position in fast food, she was looking for something else to sink her teeth into. In February 2015, Nicole began her business traineeship whilst working on reception at SYC Adelaide. Her training was delivered through formal written components, face-to-face training and on-the-job tasks.

Nicole did have some mixed feelings when she first started, saying:

“I loved it. I was really scared to begin with, because it’s a big organisation. But everyone was so welcoming and lovely. Once I was there for a couple of weeks, I began to feel like I was fitting in and picking up everything.”

By all accounts, Nicole took to the work like a duck to water. She finished the training in a matter of months, much earlier than expected.

“The training was really good. My trainer came to see me once a month. She helped me graduate early which was lovely. And on the hands on side, my manager Lucretia was great! She answered all my questions and made sure I was confident to work on my own.”

After her business traineeship, Nicole also went on to be trained to work as a member of the finance team. She said that even through finance can be very ‘fiddly’, she always had someone to answer her questions and show her how things work.

In 2017, Nicole was once again ready to start another challenge. She moved to a role in the Transition to Work team at HYPA North, as a Youth Employment Consultant. She says that her training as a receptionist gave her the skills she needed. Now she finds herself more confident and is never afraid to pick up the phone to find a vacancy or advocate for a young person.

“I was ready for the change,” she said.

“I’m someone that – no one has to be hard on me. I’m pretty hard on myself. I like a challenge and I like to succeed – to get the results.”

Nicole’s attitude has proven to be ideal for helping young people get into work in the Northern suburbs.

“Every client is different. They all have different barriers to overcome and have different industries that they want to work in. They make it really enjoyable,” she said.

In fact, Nicole listed a range of reasons that she enjoys working at SYC. She appreciates having a range of other services available in the organisation that she can refer to. Having worked in the city, she knows that when she refers someone to Trace-A-Place because they’re struggling with housing, they will be well looked after.

She also said that she loves the fun atmosphere in her office.

“Our manager Tori always lets us know when we’re doing a good job. Last month she took us bowling and out for lunch to celebrate hitting our KPIs and it was really lovely. It’s a good bunch here.”

Nicole hopes to continue helping young people into employment for at least a few more years, before hunting for her next big challenge.