One of our Disability Employment Services clients from Job Prospects Blacktown was the lucky recipient of a sailing voyage aboard the Tall Ship Tenacious through Jubilee Sailing Trust, thanks to a generous donation from The Prince’s Trust Australia.

Nic and his sister Jessica spent 5 days aboard the ship, sailing from Sydney to the mouth of the Hawkesbury River. Whilst aboard, the voyage crew were taught ways of setting and handing (putting away) sails, line handling (techniques used to pull ropes and fasten), steering, lookout duty and log taking.

The crew were split into 4 teams (watches) with duties being rotated every 4 hours. The crew had full responsibility for steering the ship, as well as setting and handing sails numerous times during the voyage.

Charlie Green, Project Coordinator for Jubilee Sailing Trust, accompanied Nic and Jessica on the voyage and said although the weather was challenging at times the pair had a positive attitude throughout the trip.

“There was a fair amount of weather to contend with which gave all of us the chance to experience some big seas and heavy wind – an experience which took us all by surprise in its ferocity!

“The whole experience was shared between everyone aboard and the sense of camaraderie permeated out to include everyone.

“We started the voyage as complete novices (most of us) and left with new skills, friends and a strong belief in the Jubilee Sailing Trust ethos of equal opportunity for people regardless of ability,” he said.

Nic said the voyage was one of the best experiences he has ever had and something he will remember for a long time to come.

“What I really enjoyed most was the ‘no passenger on-board’ feeling, we were all given a job to do whether it was setting sails, mess, watch duty or even cleaning the decks.

“I think there was great support given to the people who were afraid to climb the rigging – the food on board was awesome too,” he said.

The experience has given Nic the chance to get out of his comfort zone and work on skills like team work. Since the voyage Nic has secured full-time employment which is keeping him very busy.