young man moving boxes into vanOver many weeks, Ryan has made it a priority to meet with his case worker regularly. She has supported him to engage with Alcohol and Other Drugs Counselling and other mental health services.

Ryan’s case worker was also able to connect him with our jobactive service. Through this he completed White Card training to be able to take an opportunity to work as a labourer.

Whilst waiting for employment to start, Ryan and his case worker focussed on building up connections and support networks in the community. Ryan has used SYC’s support to source advice and mentoring and access other specialised support services. His case worker helped him to understand and uphold conditions of the Department for Correctional Services.

Unfortunately, the labouring opportunity fell through before Ryan was due to start. His case worker worked closely with the jobactive team to secure another placement and keep the momentum of all his positive work going.

The employment consultant was able to refer Ryan for a job as a furniture removalist. The employer was initially apprehensive as Ryan didn’t have a current driver’s licence, but his consultant and case worker advocated strongly that he would be able to fulfil the requirements of the job. His employment consultant provided him with personal protective equipment such as boots and high visibility clothing so that he was ready to work.

Ryan’s case worker met with his new employer to discuss his hours and his other commitments. With this support and collaboration, the employer is now happy to collect Ryan in the morning and make sure that he can still attend counselling and other appointments. He is now working full time hours and his employer is very satisfied with his performance.