Karlie received a letter to say her lease wasn’t going to be renewed and began counting the days until Christmas. As a young woman struggling between pay checks, she has relied on temporary supported housing to avoid rough sleeping.

Karlie hasn’t had the easiest life. She has experienced mental health crises, domestic violence and harmful drug use.  With such a complex array of barriers in her way, finding and keeping a safe home has been almost impossible. She has had 5 different addresses in the past few years but has struggled with meeting the requirements set by housing providers.

However, we know a stable place to live can make all the difference to a young person’s recovery and prosperity.

The property that Karlie is in now may be her last chance, and she’s taking it seriously. Until recently, Karlie visited Trace-A-Place regularly, accessing food, clothes, toiletries and bus tickets. Without this support, she may not have been able to eat on several occasions. But her case worker has high hopes for Karlie, that she can soon manage to budget for and afford these things herself.

Karlie’s support worker was there to advocate for her, to be able to stay in her house. Karlie has recently taken great strides in her sobriety and personal management. She presented well at her appointment, keeping the conversations calm and productive.

Karlie’s support worker helped her to understand the requirements of her lease and make a plan to meet them better in the future. She has been given another 3 month lease, with the possibility of moving to a 12 month lease at the end of that time.

It’s clear that Karlie has felt safe at Trace-A-Place. She always tries to be honest with the staff, and calls when she’s feeling stressed. With more stable housing in place, she has been eating better, developing great personal and household habits, and having a healthier relationship with her partner. The risk factors in her life are decreasing and she hopes to continue on this positive path.

Karlie feels she can only stick to her plan, thanks to the support of her worker at HYPA.