The Navigator service provides one-on-one support while a person prepares for release and for 12 weeks after their release.

To date we have worked with 75 men, 26 of whom have already completed their 12 weeks. Of those engaged with our support, 92% have avoided further contact with the justice system. This is considered an excellent early result.

The Navigator team: Lauren, Dymek, Justin and Daniel.

The Navigator team: Lauren, Dymek, Justin and Daniel.

Our trained Case Workers support each person to build and maintain an independent and positive life for themselves. In the days following release, they assist with income support payments, temporary or long term accommodation, transport and understanding release conditions.

Throughout the support period, Case Workers continue to work with the men as needed in the areas of; employment, finances, education and training, physical and mental health, substance use, family and relationships, housing and other independent living skills.

We’re proud of the outcomes this program is already achieving and the impact it is having on the lives of those involved.

Click below to follow the journey of one of our participants and see how SYC was able to support them to achieve independence.