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My First Job 2.0 is the second iteration of the original My First Job initiative.

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Since 2014 digital disruption has rapidly changed the work and life landscape in Australia. This is having a profound impact on young people trying to enter the workforce, especially if they experience disadvantage and lack the social support network that all young people need.

Youth unemployment and specifically long-term youth unemployment is still exceptionally high, nearly one in five unemployed 15 to 24 year olds today have been out of work for 52 weeks or more (BSL, Prosperity’s Children, 2019). Additionally, the increased use and reliance of employers on digital solutions, continues to decrease the entry-level roles available in the Australian economy.



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The original My First Job involved a Working Group that came together in 2013 and concluded with the My First Job White Paper, entitled IMPROVED JOB OUTCOMES FOR YOUNG PEOPLE: A Plan for enhancing employment services for young people leaving education and joining the workforce in October 2014.

The My First Job White Paper recommended 5 key system design elements to bring about systemic change to employment services for young people. SYC’s highly successful youth employment program, Sticking Together Project, was borne out of the My First Job White Paper recommendations and is proving to make a material difference to young people’s lives and their success in the workforce.

The Sticking Together Project supports young job seekers who have experienced long-term unemployment, and may not have ever worked, to find lasting attachment to the labour market – which it is achieving.

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