Get-A-Place helps young people to find and secure independent accommodation for the first time. After being shown the ropes, Micah quickly began to adapt to working hands on, asking questions to learn as much as he could about all aspects of working with young people.

Micah was great at engaging with young people but he also excelled with record management. His great IT skills were demonstrated as he began to quickly update resources and in his down time. Micah often asked, “What can I do for GAP to make life easier for you?”

The program has collected statistics by hand for the last 8 years. Micah took one look at the process and offered to create a spreadsheet alternative.

It was a complex task with a high number of variables. Micah got to work, stuck at it and in within 3 weeks he had a working spreadsheet that did daily, monthly and annual calculations on all GAP client information, updating the graphs and total values instantly.

Case Manager, Reece, was delighted with the result.

“This changed my life! It made the data I was report to management, the board and government, more accurate. It’s a better depiction of the sheer scope of what we do and how we do it,” he said.

Micah has now moved into a paid role as a support worker in another organisation. However this didn’t stop him reaching out recently to make sure his work was updated for the new financial year. We can’t thank Micah enough for his hard work and dedication.

Micah said:

“I have learned many new skills and did many things I have never done before. Volunteering at HYPA is a truly valuable experience that helped to shape my career, and it provided a place to hone my skills to prepare me for my future endeavors.”