Such an exciting moment last week as two of our young people were sent to meet the Duke and Duchess of Sussex!

Wendy and Dami were chosen to meet Harry and Meghan because they graduated from the Prince’s Trust Get Into program last year. Read more about Get Into here.

They were both thrilled about the opportunity.

“I’m excited to see who they are and meet them in person. It’s really special because they chose us and it’s not something that you would do often,” Wendy said, before the event.

En route to the event, Wendy and Dami reflected on the program that brought them here. They both completed Get Into pre-employment training with Hessel Group and are now still working within the organisation 18 months later.

“I didn’t think I would be working with children,” Wendy said.

“[The training] opened my eyes and I truly enjoyed it.”

Dami says she would recommend the Get Into program to other people.

“I feel like it’s a really good foundation to give you a start and an idea of whether you want to pursue it. It’s great for young people or if you are just a bit unsure.”

Accompanying the young people at the event were Rebecca Hughes, trainer for Enhance Training, Hessel Group and Andrew Reilly, our Head of Development at SYC. Rebecca has been involved in the training portion of the Get Into program and Andrew is responsible for the delivery of the program at SYC.

Earlier in the program, Rebecca commented: “It’s amazing to see how different they are at the end of the course compared to how they interacted at the beginning.

“To see how they now have a pathway into what they really want to do and an idea of where they want to take themselves – that is one of the best things to see,” Rebecca said.

Both Dami and Wendy said that the program made them feel well prepared for employment in childcare. They also believe that stable employment has been very important in their personal lives.

“I feel more confident,” Wendy said.

“[Before Get Into] I would never ask questions or I would do what makes the person happy but not what is better for me. I am more independent and I rely on myself. I am more organised and plan my finances and life better. I have to manage it myself now where my family did this for me before.”

Dami agreed, adding: “I feel like I have grown through the program  and I have a clearer understanding about what I want to do. My wellbeing has improved by being able to earn money, take care of myself and be independent. It has helped me also keep focused with my current studies too.”

Dami is continuing to study Early Childhood Education and hopes to continue working with children. She is especially passionate about working to support young people’s mental health or caring for those with disability. Wendy also wants to continue her work with children, giving them a voice to better their own future.

Wendy and Dami at Admiralty House

The group was invited to the reception of young Australian’s at Admiralty House on Tuesday 16 October. The event was hosted by the Governor General, Sir Peter Cosgrove and Lady Cosgrove.