If you walk into one of SYC’s sites in Northern Adelaide chances are the staff there will know Margaret Stamford.

She has been with SYC for nearly 19 years and at 71 years young, she has no plans to slow down now.

In her time with the organisation, she has had many roles within our Job Prospects sites including time as an Employment Consultant, Site Coordinator and Site Manager. She found her groove though as a Claims Administrator supporting the Management teams, a role she still holds today.

Margaret looks upon her experience working directly with clients very fondly.

“When I first started I was given some great advice – that it would be a challenging job but it would also be rewarding.

“If you can turn someone around who is on the wrong track and get them heading in a better direction that is a major win!

“If you were working with a really challenging client it was a great thrill when you finally got through to them and broke down the barriers. It is a real buzz when you get someone to the 6 month mark in a new job and get to have the conversation that they don’t need your help anymore,” Margaret said.

Jodie Woodrow, Regional Manager at Job Prospects said she enjoyed her time working alongside Margaret.

She says Margaret is an amazing asset to the team.

“Margaret is the mother duck of the office. She always has her drawers full of lollies and is always available to lend an ear to anyone who needs to talk.

“She is an exceptional staff member, a great friend and someone I care dearly about.

“Margaret has been such a great help to me over my 10 years with SYC. She is a beautiful soul and she makes a mean ‘Ham Heart’ too! Job Prospects Elizabeth staff know what I’m talking about.” Jodie said.

Over the years, Margaret said she has worked with a number of different teams. She has found that people who work for SYC really care about the people they are there to assist.

“I really enjoy working with likeminded people who are passionate about assisting people to regain a feeling of self-worth; improve their current situation or assist them to start on the road to achieving their goals,” she said.

Margaret herself is a very valued team member; she said everyone always tells her she is not allowed to leave.

 “The team tell me all the time that I’m not allowed to retire, I’m part of the furniture here now!” Margaret said.