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Studio West is a group learning environment, delivered at Seaton.

Our HYPA-designed group programs offer supportive learning environments for young people who require a different approach to mainstream school.

Studio West provides an ACARA and SACE based learning program, delivered by registered Seaton High School teachers. Case Managers provide support with learning engagement and wellbeing development. The program has a literacy and numeracy focus, as well as exploring additional learning pathways, suited to each student’s goals.


When I am at Studio West it makes me feel happy because I am doing the work. I used to walk out of class because I was too ashamed to say I didn’t understand it. At Studio West I am proud of asking for help and I am proud how far I have come.

Studio West Student, 16

Time and Space to Learn

Studio West has the space and resources to provide young people with the freedom, time and support to explore their identity, interests and future pathway options. The site is large with several spaces and a kitchen. This gives students the opportunity to work independently if they desire.
Classes have a maximum of 15 students supported by several adults. Teachers, Case Managers and HYPA Volunteers provide a high adult to young person ratio.

Accredited Learning

Classes at Studio West are taught by registered teachers who are employed by the Department for Education and teaching from the Australian Curriculum.
Teachers deliver Essential SACE Stage 1 and 2 Subjects – English, Maths and Personal Learning Plan. Additional subjects are added based on teaching capacity and student interest.

Our Wellbeing Focus

Staff are trained to provide strengths based and trauma informed support to young people. Teachers work alongside Case Managers with experience in Social Work and Psychology. Together the staff create a focus on each student feeling safe and supported in their learning environment. The timetable incorporates a range of wellbeing and resilience programs that develop social skills, life skills and employability.

Studio West is a safe place to go for people who have been struggling through mainstream school or have been bullied.

Studio West Student, 15