Our HYPA-designed group programs offer supportive learning environments for young people who require a different approach to mainstream school.

Studio East provides an ACARA and SACE based learning program delivered by a HYPA Teacher. The teacher and Case Managers work together to provide support around learning engagement and wellbeing development.

The program delivers Essential SACE Stage 1 subjects – English, Maths and Personal Learning Plan. Studio East also supports students to explore additional learning pathways suited to their strengths and goals.

Studio East uses a unique, trauma-informed approach to learning underpinned by the PERMA+ positive psychology framework to foster an environment of individualised teaching and learning. The program focuses on student’s character strengths and establishing personal values, using these as a basis for education. The program provides flexibility for students to explore their identity, interests and future pathways whilst also nurturing resilience and encouraging a sense of belonging in the classroom.


BOLT Students Playing Piano