Lauren, was struggling to find work for a long time before joining the Prince’s Trust International Get Into Childcare program run with SYC and local service provider Hessel Group.

The 6 week intensive childcare course provided participants with sector specific skills and work experience opportunities to help get them into employment.

Having already had a solid background in babysitting, Lauren said she jumped at the chance to be involved in the program.

“This was definitely something I was interested in doing, just to get out of my comfort zone and try something new.

“Sitting in a classroom with strangers or going on a placement is something I would never have done before, but now that I’ve done it, it has definitely helped me with my confidence,” she said.

Lauren said the practical experience in a real childcare centre showed her what a career in childcare actually involved.

“It was something I really enjoyed from my babysitting experience, so I was interested in seeing what it was like from the childcare perspective.

“The work experience really showed everything I didn’t know about child care,” she said.

Course trainer Rebecca Hughes from Hessel Group’s Enhance Training said the program was often intense, but the best part was seeing the transformation in the participants.

“It’s such a short amount of time 6 weeks, it’s amazing to see how different they are at the end of the course compared to how they interacted at the beginning.

“To see how they now have a pathway into what they really want to do and an idea of where they want to take themselves – that is one of the best things to see,” Rebecca said.

After the program Lauren was lucky enough to get a position as a Nanny in Hessel Group’s nannySA division, where she has been working since she finished the course.

Lauren is enjoying her new found confidence and her new position where she is working one on one with multiple families. She has plans to further her career in the childcare industry.

The Get Into Childcare program was part of the Prince’s Trust International Get Into pilot series in Australia with SYC and The Prince’s Charities Australia. This particular program was run with local employer Hessel Group.