Kylie’s role as Mentor and Liaison Worker with Job Prospects has seen her support countless Indigenous job seekers on their journey into sustainable employment.

She also takes an active role in the community as an educator and advocate for Indigenous rights.

Kylie is passionate about breaking down barriers and stereotypes that exist for Aboriginal people. She uses her own experience as a job seeker to connect with clients, and to raise awareness for the prejudices that Aboriginal job seekers can sometimes face.

“As a proud young Wurundjeri woman, which my traditional country takes in the CBD of Melbourne and surrounding suburbs, I do my best within my role to raise awareness and to educate,” Kylie said.

“I experienced firsthand the difficulty Aboriginal people face finding employment and I am passionate about standing up for our people and making sure they get a fair go and opportunity to secure employment in a very competitive market.

“Being an Aboriginal job seeker myself and seeking employment for the first time – or at any time – it can be overwhelming without proper support, especially around cultural sensitivities. This is what I find the hardest part of my role, is convincing prospective employers; if you haven’t faced these barriers or walked in our shoes you would not understand this experience and by having this experience it makes me more passionate and effective in my role,” Kylie said.

Kylie has built a strong network with like-minded community organisations that she can point job seekers to for support, including health and personal issues job seekers may be facing.

“It is my aim to get job seekers into sustainable employment and I am with them every step of the way”.

“We really do form a respectful bond by the end of the process and I often get emotional seeing job seekers I’ve helped make that transformation into suitable employment from the first time I meet them.

“Their wellbeing is paramount! If they require extra support, I know exactly who to call and connect them to,” Kylie said.

Kylie has a keen interest in politics and was recently one of the 32 people selected by the Victorian Government to provide advice on the framework of the Victorian Treaty negotiations.

 “I want to have an active voice for our people and create positive change for the future of all Australians,” Kylie said.

“I love that my role with SYC has helped me to have a voice in my community and be a part of creating change for our people,” she said.