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The Bridge by SYC

An SYC Youth Justice Pilot Program

A group of young men and women smiling outside.

SYC acknowledges that, at any time, there are a number of vulnerable young people held within South Australia’s correctional and detention facilities due to an inability to provide a suitable bail address. These young people face complex and nuanced barriers in accessing youth homelessness services and programs. They require safe and affordable housing and targeted support to divert them away from the justice system.

The Bridge by SYC assists with independent bail accommodation for young people who are remanded in custody or at risk of being remanded in custody due to a lack of suitable bail address. Through this program we:

  • Help young people aged 15-25 years old transition from custody to community
  • Support young people to remain in the community to reduce non-compliance with bail
  • Explore and address criminogenic risk factors and offending behaviour to help reduce offending
  • Support to positively engage with the community through employment, training, education, volunteering, art and sports activities
  • Support to access other forms of stable housing

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