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Dylan, Employer:

We’re a commercial landscaping company that also to structural concrete and civil construction

Jonathon’s been here for six months and his work experience turned into full time employment.

Jonathon, Disability Employment Services Participant:

When I was unemployed I used to doubt myself at times but now that I’ve got a job and I’m working full time, my self worth goes up quite a bit.

They make me feel like part of the team which makes me in turn feel very happy about what I’m doing.


He was certainly very well prepared through all the training that he did with Job Prospects to come to us.

If we had a hundred Jonathons we’d be a very, very good company. We’re in debt to Job Prospects for introducing him to us.


I’m extremely thankful for Job Prospects’ help. They’ve helped me a lot with gaining employment, they’ve helped with all my tickets and training, driver’s licence.

I wouldn’t have got to where I got to today without their help and support, probably wouldn’t have a job.