Earlier this year a group of 26 Work for the Dole participants from the North West Melbourne region refurbished an old Caravan, transforming it into the shape of teapot for Sunbury Community Health. The Communi-TEA caravan (affectionately dubbed VANessa) has been popping up at various community events since its completion, serving a range of delicious teas and biscuits.

Bernie Hetherington, Executive Manager at Sunbury Community Health, was very excited to be able to offer a new and creative place for locals to gather.

“This is a unique and valuable way for people to get to know their neighbours in a busy world and for many a sense of community togetherness which has been lost over the years.

“The van is a tool to encourage people to start talking and rebuilding community connections,” she said.

Under the supervision of Envision Employment, the project provided job seekers from Job Prospects the opportunity to gain skills in panel beating, coach building and carpentry which helped to broaden and enhance their job search efforts.

Participants completely refurbished the vehicle from the chassis through to rebuilding the body. This involved building and installing furniture along with the installation of plumbing and electrical work.

Two of the participants secured employment after the activity in related fields with one securing a position as a plasterer and one as a spray painter.

Sunbury Community Health have made a video about the project which you can check out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ovKNzvCi-ow