More than 100 employers and employer representatives from the Prahan, Dandenong and Ringwood areas in Melbourne gained valuable insights and tips from world record holder adventure runner Richard Bowles, at the series of Job Prospects Business Forums held during June.

Hosted by SA media personality Leigh McClusky, the Forums were organised by Job Prospects as a means of providing  employers with insights and tactics on sustaining commitment that might provide a competitive edge in today’s challenging business environment.  A discussion around the challenges of finding and keeping good people also took place with a panel of local employers at each event.

Richard Bowles is a man who knows all about sustaining commitment, even when things get tough.  He has run more than 21,000km across the world’s longest mountain trails, running up to 95km a day for months at a time with all his belongings on his back.

According to Mr Bowles, that takes a whole lot more than passion and desire to achieve a goal.

“What I’ve learnt over the years is it’s more to do with growth. We humans just want to grow. If we’re not growing we’re going stale. So we like to be challenged and do new things and I’ve just taken that to the next level” Mr Bowles said.

“This mentality and drive can and is easily transferred to our business lives.  We don’t have to run thousands of kilometres to be successful in business, but we do need to have drive and sustained commitment to keep going, even when the going gets really tough” he added.

“And getting the best out of your people is a big part of that, so finding the right people in the first place is absolutely crucial to achieving high performance.”

Job Prospects Director of Operations, David Furniss, agrees that hiring the right people and keeping staff motivated is an important key to success in business.

“We have been in the business of sourcing good employees for our employer customers for more than two decades now, so we know how important this is and we know how best to go about that” Mr Furniss said.

“We were delighted to facilitate this discussion with Melbourne employers and employer representatives” he concluded.

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