Normally a friendly, helpful and easy-going person, Jenna’s sense of self had also taken a hit.

SYC was able to offer her stable, independent accommodation, through the HYPA Housing program. During her stay, the staff team supported her to develop independent living skills like budgeting, cooking, cleaning, managing time and relationships.

She says the supportive environment had a big impact on her personal wellbeing.

“Since moving into HYPA Housing I have grown so much. HYPA helped me mature as a person and gain so much more self-confidence. I received an incredible amount of support from HYPA. Not only did HYPA provide me with affordable accommodation during a tough time in my life, but I also received emotional support as well as skills that will assist me in the future.”

During her stay, she graduated with a Bachelor of Psychological Science. She also found full-time work and became a Community Leader, supporting her peers at HYPA Housing. Jenna attended the Homelessness conference in Melbourne to share her experience with others.

She says, “I am incredibly thankful for all the support and advocacy I received from everyone at HYPA. HYPA really did have a massive impact on my life and I am extremely lucky that HYPA was willing to assist me as I was able to finish my degree and create further goals.”

Since moving out of HYPA Housing, she has transitioned to a stable home interstate. She lives with her fiancé and their new little puppy.

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