Jasmine grew up under the Guardianship of the Minister, having lost both of her parents. After turning 18, she was living in youth crisis accommodation.

Young people leaving out-of-home care find themselves at a greatly increased risk of experiencing homelessness in the first few years. Stable housing is an important base from which to engage with employment, training and further education opportunities. Studies have also shown that meaningful emotional and material support throughout this time is key to maintaining their successful independence. (AHURI, 2018)

In 2019, Jasmine was offered a place in our supported housing program for young people, HYPA Housing. Stable accommodation allowed her the space to improve her personal wellbeing and look for employment. Her support worker also helped her access funding for household furniture and a laptop.

Jasmine says, “I am grateful for HYPA’s support with the Dame Roma Mitchell Fund as I now have a new laptop and desk for greater opportunities and more accessibility to apply for housing and jobs and achieve my goals.”

Staff in the HYPA Housing program have seen Jasmine show exceptional motivation and commitment. She secured two jobs in hospitality, saying that she couldn’t have managed without HYPA Housing.

“Since moving in HYPA I have felt extremely supported which has increased my productivity. I have met many likeminded people in my complex and have been able to engage in different activities in which has been a new experience for me,” she said.

Despite her struggles, Jasmine is now well on her way to achieving her goals.

Girl smiling, holding laptop, sitting on floor over beige background.