Jacob’s early life had more instability that most of us ever experience or would like to experience. Born in Perth, he was moved from home to home, attending more than 50 different schools across Darwin, Sydney and Melbourne. His future was always uncertain, he didn’t know where he would be next week, let alone have any plans for his medium or long term future.

At just 14 years old, an age when support is needed the most, he became homeless and had no one he could count on. Life had no direction for Jacob and his only purpose at that time was finding a safe place to sleep for the night.

“I had a mindset that no one wanted to help me, I had no determination,” he said.

Nevertheless he possessed the foresight to want a better life that included financial security and independence, and this drove him to enter the workforce at his earliest opportunity.

Still with no place to call home at 16, he couch surfed, staying with friends on a temporary basis while he sought and gained work, also of a temporary and casual nature.   It wasn’t all that long, however, before he set his sights on a ‘real’ career, one that could give him a sense of purpose and the financial security he craved for.  It is at this point that Job Prospects entered his life.

“Before I attended my first appointment with Job Prospects, I had no idea where I was heading in life or what I wanted to do with myself. After only a few appointments, I was already more positive about my future,” he said.

Jacob’s Job Prospects consultant, Stella, assisted by gaining a deep understanding of his strengths and weaknesses and helping him to identify a line of work he would be interested in and good at.  She further supported him by helping to edit his résumé, refining his interview techniques, giving him confidence and self belief, and referring him for suitable jobs.

Coming from a difficult past himself, Jacob has a strong passion for assisting people who’ve had similar experiences, and this passion was identified as a good basis for building a career in the care and community sector.

After being with Job Prospects for only 3 months, Jacob was successful in obtaining a traineeship in Aged and Disability Care with the help of Hume City Council. He is looking forward to both studying and working in this area and it’s a great start for his new career.

Stella will maintain regular post-placement support contact during his traineeship in order to ensure his transition into a more permanent form of working and learning is a successful one.  Jacob appears to be on the right track and as Jacob states “the only way is up!”

“After a lot of hard work and determination I managed to succeed in gaining a career. Stella fortunately gave me the boost and direction that was needed,” Jacob said.

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