Leading SA youth services provider, SYC Limited (SYC), has responded to the release of the Child Protection Systems Royal Commission report today by stating that the issue must not become a political football if positive change is to be achieved.

SYC chief executive officer Paul Edginton acknowledged the extensive work put in by Commissioner Margaret Nyland and said SYC is looking forward to working with the State Government and other service providers to develop a clear pathway towards a safer community for our most vulnerable members of society.

“SYC has worked with vulnerable young South Australians since 1958, so we have witnessed first hand for many years the devastating effect of abuse and neglect on children and young people and are passionate about seeing this process, so ably led by Commissioner Nyland, bring about real change for the better” Mr Edginton said.

“That change must not be stymied by the issue becoming a political football, which would be of no direct benefit to our vulnerable children and young people.”

“It’s also important that this process involves a clear pathway which takes the lessons and applies them to the system we’ve got, rather than starting all over again with a completely new system and potentially losing the lessons along the way.”

“Notwithstanding the tremendous amount of work put in by Commissioner Nyland and her team, we are looking forward to now working with the State Government and other service providers to create the pathway to change as quickly as is possible” Mr Edginton concluded.