HYPA’s primary profile and fundraising campaign, #TwoFeet, took another step forward on December 1st 2015 by the launch of its own website and social media campaign.

The website, found at www.twofeetcampaign.net.au, plays a major role in the communication of the #TwoFeet message as well as facilitating online donations and, ultimately, online purchases of #TwoFeet merchandise, the proceeds of which will all go towards supporting HYPA services.

The #TwoFeet campaign promotes our core philosophy which centers around helping young people create and maintain an independent, constructive and prosperous life.

This involves transitioning young people out of difficult life situations such as homelessness, an abusive home environment, unemployment or disconnection from school or learning, to a place where they can confidently stand on their own #TwoFeet. This requires engaging in learning and, ultimately, working, as unemployment is a precursor to poverty and welfare dependence.

A number of young people who have accessed HYPA services and benefited from the support HYPA offers, are featured in the social media campaign.  They each tell their compelling and moving stories on film to highlight the impact to a young person’s life that HYPA can and does have.

To hear their stories and to learn more about the campaign and how you can support it, please visit www.twofeetcampaign.net.au or www.facebook.com/hypa.syc.