Wednesday April 9 was Youth Homelessness Matters Day, a part of National Youth Week that highlights issues around homelessness among young people. HYPA’s Youth Leadership Team (YLT) held an event in Light Square in Adelaide to raise awareness of the issues, using the theme “What does homelessness mean to you?” as a means of altering stereotypical views held by members of the public of why young people become homeless.

The event created a great atmosphere in Light Square, with five of Splash Adelaide’s food trucks and two local youth service providers, Red Cross Justice Programs and the Youth and Family Counselling unit of United Communities, also contributing.

Some great activities were held on the day with boards supplied to create aerosol artwork by the YLT. The Red Cross held a beer goggle relay which was a lot of fun and highly entertaining to watch, along with their CPR workshop.

One talented young person even created some stunning artwork for “Hot Mumma’s Curries” food truck. “Chimichurri Grill” generously donated 10% of their profits on the day to HYPA’s YLT, in order to continue promoting causes close to their heart.

The YLT also produced and presented a video featuring snapshot clips of members of the public explaining what homelessness means to them.

Thank you to all the service providers and food trucks who made it event worthy, and to everyone who came down to Light Square for lunch in support of the event.