Our Specialised Residential Care program, HYPA Homes, caters to young people who are under the Guardianship of the Minister.

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We have three properties that provide a secure and stable home environment for up to 12 young people. These young people are supported with a therapeutic model of care to ensure their psychological and emotional needs are understood and met. They are also supported to build their capacity for independence in the future, through education, employment and life skill development.

Therapeutic Model

We take an individualised approach that encourages each young person to take an active role in the development of their own therapeutic care plans. We undertake an in-depth assessment of each person to match them with a home of suitable other young people and carers. This is a key factor that ensures greater stability for each person and helps us replicate a family environment.

High Quality Care

Our model of care is guided by a team of experienced clinicians and lead by a Clinical Psychologist. The value of the model is now well-proven, with multiple cases of young people with extreme and complex needs changing their behaviours, re-attending school successfully, gaining a driver’s licence, getting into work and generally living in a constructive, positive manner.

Early Intervention

By helping these young people to build a positive life and sense of self, we help them avoid unemployment, and incomplete education, involvement with the criminal justice system, domestic violence and unwanted pregnancies. We believe these young people deserve the opportunity, and have the potential, to create a prosperous life for themselves.