Get-A-Place guides young people through:

  • The process of identifying the right accommodation for their needs,
  • Understanding the different housing options available,
  • Clarifying tenants’ rights and responsibilities,
  • Applying for a rental property,
  • Knowing what is required for ongoing maintenance of the tenancy.

Get-A-Place staff and volunteers are available to meet with young people and work with them to find safe and sustainable housing. House Hunt sessions are informal group sessions that support young people through the searching and application process, as well as support for finding housemates. One to one support is also available for more detailed assistance to address barriers to finding a place and access relevant financial assistance.

We also have developed two publications to be valuable, helpful resources.

Our Rental Kit steps through everything that you might need to know about private rentals.

Our Where To Go guide is a simple, yet comprehensive booklet that helps young people navigate accommodation options as well as health and wellbeing services, community support and employment and training services.