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Our homelessness services are tailored to the needs and experiences of young people. We know that a large number of adults who experience homelessness, first experienced homelessness before the age of 25 years. We're here to break the cycle and support young people in their transition to sustainable independence.

Our Homelessness Services

  • HYPA Housing
    HYPA Housing is our transitional housing model that successfully helps young people exit homelessness for good.

Our expertise and experience in homelessness also allows us to support people across our Working, Learning and Justice programs to have safe, stable and suitable housing.

Homelessness in Australia

On any given night in Australia, 116,000 people experience homelessness.
Young people are over represented in this number. They experience homelessness for a wide variety of reasons, such as:

  • Family conflict or breakdown
  • Leaving out-of-home care
  • Housing affordability
  • Loss of employment

Young people experience homelessness in a variety of ways. Homelessness might not always mean rough sleeping. It could also be:

  • Couch surfing
  • Temporary Accommodation
  • Severely over-crowded homes

Helping a young person to avoid or exit homelessness,
also helps them to:

  • Find and maintain employment
  • Stay in school or complete other learning
  • Have better mental health
  • Have better physical health
  • Experience healthy, constructive relationships

We believe young people are an important cohort in tackling overall homelessness. People who have their first experience of homelessness under the age of 25 are more likely to continue to experience homelessness as an adult. This means that:

If we can help young people to exit homelessness for good, we’re helping generations of people to live better, more independent lives.


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