Seventeen year old Kimon is currently undertaking an Automotive Mechanical Apprenticeship with Peter Kittle Holden Port Adelaide thanks to the skills, connections and confidence obtained through HYPA’s new Work’d Up program.

Kimon was initially referred to HYPA through our Geared2Drive program which provides young people with the opportunity to gain their driver’s licence, pairing them with experienced and qualified drivers in order to gain their mandatory 75 hours of driving experience.

After successfully obtaining his provisional licence, Kimon found like many new drivers, a new sense of independence which cleared the way for Kimon to easily partake in our Work’d Up program.

Work’d Up launched in January 2015, after 24 months of piloting, and is a part of HYPA Works, SYC’s youth employment hub which is committed to developing youth employment opportunities. Work’d Up breathes new life into standard work experience placements in order to assist young people nearing the end of their secondary education transition into the workforce. Placements within the program vary in length and industry, in order to suit each participant’s goals and interests.

For Kimon his interest lay in automotive mechanics, which he had been able to explore as part of his Year 11 studies at Underdale High through an automotive mechanics class. Work’d Up Project Officer Matt Pill saw an opportunity for Kimon to further explore this interest with long time supporters of SYC, Peter Kittle Holden, Port Adelaide.
Kimon took part in a six week placement in late 2014 with Peter Kittle Holden, working alongside vehicle technicians to learn valuable trade and employability skills.

Lou Petrilli, Service Manager at Peter Kittle said that “Kimon stood out immediately, as he was keen to learn and get involved from the start. He showed real enthusiasm, and wasn’t afraid to ask questions.”

Kimon’s enthusiasm and hard work paid off. Just three weeks into his placement he was offered an apprenticeship with Peter Kittle, which he gratefully accepted. Kimon said “I am very lucky I got this apprenticeship, it’s a fantastic opportunity.”

Congratulations to Kimon who is currently 6 months into his apprenticeship and continuing to thrive according to Peter Kittle Holden, Port Adelaide. It is great to see such strong employment outcomes already coming out of Work’d Up. For further information on Work’d Up please contact Matt Pill, Project Officer on 0411 885 138 or via email