He told the agent he could no longer accept the property as it was unliveable and was told he would lose his bond and two weeks’ worth of rent.

“I was about to lose hope and thought I had to pay out all this money for an unliveable apartment, but when I found TIAS and spoke to Julie she spent over 30 minutes with me listening to my story and trying to find ways to help me.”

“They represented me at the Tribunal and made sure we got our money back, I wouldn’t have been able to secure another suitable place to live without getting my bond back.”

“Without them, we would have definitely lost the case,” he said.

Due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic, Emmanuel’s housemate has lost his job, but he is hopeful they will work out how to get through this difficult patch.

“Being an International student, I always try to be prepared.”

He is very grateful for the help he received from the TIAS team. He says, “SYC helped me to get fair justice.”