When Elizabeth first came to Job Prospects after the Torrensville office opened in July 2015, she was a single mother who spent the majority of her time caring for her daughter with special needs.

Finding a job was proving to be a real challenge as Elizabeth was already having a difficult time without a driver’s licence or any extra family support. Her employment consultant Diana said she was a very hands-on mother, but lacked the motivation and confidence needed to get a job.

“Elizabeth had never previously had a job in her whole life and was in her mid forties when she first came to us. Having no work history made it even more difficult to find her a suitable position.

“She was quite reserved when we first started working with her, but she had a real desire to give her family a better life,” Diana said.

In order to increase her confidence and give her some additional skills, Elizabeth was enrolled in a Certificate III in Health Support Services, which included a 90 hour placement at an aged care facility. It was during this placement that Diana saw a real change in Elizabeth.

“Elizabeth thoroughly enjoyed the work placement. It improved her confidence, gave her some core skills and encouraged her desire to find a job,” Diana said.

Elizabeth noticed a new laundry service in her area that she thought would be a great starting place for employment and having gained some confidence from her course and work placement, Diana put her forward as a potential candidate for some upcoming positions they needed to fill.

Not only did she gain an interview with them, but she impressed them so much with her enthusiasm that she was offered a permanent position.

Elizabeth laundry

Elizabeth enjoying her new job at a laundry facility

Elizabeth is over the moon with her new job and is enjoying the routine it has brought to her life, along with the ability to support her family.

“I will be dropping off the Centrelink system soon as I can now support my family financially with my job.

“We are able to eat better quality food now and once a week I will buy Angus beef steak for the kids as our family meal which we never used to do normally,” she said.

The future is now looking more exciting for Elizabeth who hopes to find a balance between her new working life and family commitments.