Job Prospects has been operating as a specialist youth Disability Employment Services (DES) provider for a number of years, at four sites across New South Wales and South Australia.

This year we have been successful in becoming a much larger provider, offering the service to people of all ages in over 50 new locations.

Bradley’s Story

Twenty-two year old Bradley Pluckhahn – who has cerebral palsy – worked with his Job Prospects DES consultant for six months before finding a Christmas retail position. With the ongoing support of his consultant, he was made a permanent employee, and eventually given full-time hours.

“My experience with the DES program has been extremely rewarding. I would say if you want results and a supportive space where you are encouraged to be yourself, as well as having people that are nothing but professional, do yourself a favour and join Job Prospects,” said Bradley.

Learn more about how we helped Bradley in this video:

DES Service now available at Job Prospects in Melbourne

Our Head of Disability Services, Stephanie Brauer is delighted that the we have been awarded the new contracts, and even more so, to be able to offer DES for the first time across 33 locations in Victoria.

 “To now have the opportunity to support more Australians is fantastic, particularly because we can share the specialist knowledge of our very experienced disability consultants.”

Stephanie said the organisation takes great pride in its long history and expertise in working with young people, and looked forward to now sharing that capability with clients of all ages in the disability community.

“We know the DES environment will be incredibly competitive with these new changes and all providers will have to work exceptionally hard to attract, and retain, their clients.”

“But we believe we have an edge with our in-depth knowledge of working with young people, particularly those who are transitioning from school to employment – and we know we have much to offer people of all ages,” she said.

According to Stephanie, SYC’s success can be attributed to having a focus on much more than simply putting people with disability into a job.

“For us, it is about the whole package and whatever it is that people need to be able to find and grow with the right job for them. Over the years, we have seen firsthand that getting that right can be life changing!”


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