In 2015 Disability Employment Services (DES) participant, Adele, was named TAFE SA’s First Year Apprentice of the Year. The award recognised her hard work, great attitude and outstanding performance in her Retail Baking Apprenticeship.

Adele joined the DES Program through Job Prospects during her final year of secondary school, in 2013, to support her transition into the workforce. Together with her consultant Caitlin she started looking for work in the hospitality industry. Soon after she was offered a part-time role in a café. But Adele was over the moon when she successfully secured a Retail Baking Apprenticeship.

“I was connected to DES during my last year of school to help me find work. The team were interested in finding out more about my interests and helping me find work that I would really enjoy.

“I wanted an apprenticeship and was so excited when one came up – I enjoyed the job and tried really hard to do well.

“I was so excited when I was nominated by my TAFE lecturer for apprentice of the year and I couldn’t believe it when I actually won,” she said.

Adele remained in frequent contact with her DES consultant Caitlin during this time. Caitlin supported with her work role, study and general wellbeing. When Adele experienced some significant challenges during her second year of her apprenticeship, Caitlin helped her to access other support services and continue working and training after the issue was resolved.

“The staff at DES do more than just find people jobs, they support you in all areas of your life.

“They are very considerate people that care about your interests and passions and actually doing what is best for you. They want you to become the best version of yourself” Adele said.

Adele is now a mother of a newborn baby and still remains in regular contact with Caitlin. She plans on returning to work part-time in the hospitality area balancing with her parenting commitments.

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