Damien came to Job Prospects Blacktown experiencing depression and social anxiety.

He found it difficult to leave the house and the thought of starting work was overwhelming for him. As a child Damien experienced debilitating health conditions and the treatments have left him with permanent limitations to both his physical and mental health.

Disability Employment Consultant, Mark, worked with Damien to find suitable employment options for him. Damien loves horses and was encouraged to complete a Certificate II in Stable Hand, which he did and graduated with Distinctions. He then progressed to a Certificate III in Advanced Stable Hand and excelled in this also.

Mark said one of the main priorities for Damien was finding a job that he enjoyed.

“I could see his face light up when he spoke about horses and I knew this is what would make all the difference for him and his mental health,” Mark said.

Whilst Damien had completed his studies with great success he was struggling to find employment. He worked closely with Mark over the coming months to find opportunities as they arose. They went to interviews together, accepted feedback and used the feedback to stay positive and persevere.

A suitable job did eventually come up and Damien worked closely with Mark to fully prepare for the interview. The employer was so impressed with Damien that he created a unique position suitable for him.

Since starting the job Damien is the happiest he has ever been and loves going to work every day.

“I love having a reason to get up every day and do what I enjoy the most, working with horses,” Damien said.

Mark is thrilled that Damien has found his dream job and is impressed with the determination and perseverance he displayed since they started working together.

“Damien showed a fierce commitment to push himself outside of his comfort zone and because of this he was offered his dream job,” Mark Said.