HYPA recently called out for donations of old mobile phones in a bid to help our young people stay connected to case management and support services. The response has been amazing, with our Mt Gambier site collecting a big box full of phones in just two weeks.

The phone donation program, called HYPA Connect aims to ensure less young people miss out on the support they need at a critical time because they’re just not able to be contacted. We find that many young people experiencing disadvantage and homelessness often don’t have access to a reliable device and their independence and safety is severely limited as a result.

Our Homelessness Services Manager, Tracey Kamp, says, “Homelessness is the most extreme form of social exclusion – you’ve been dislocated from your family and often exhausted your friend network. We help young people to develop the skills needed to rebuild and create new, positive relationships with their support networks. Having the tools to do this, like a mobile phone, is really important to overcoming a crisis and creating lasting independence.

“Communication is obviously crucial for our case management process and our young people often lose out on emergency housing placements for the night as we can’t contact them. But it is also about staying connected with family, partners and friends or being able to contact emergency services if needed. Imagine being without a phone for a week when you need help or to talk to your supports.

“I’m sure there are plenty of people who have that outdated model of mobile phone just sitting in a drawer somewhere and they don’t realise just how useful it could be to a young person in need,” added Tracey.

HYPA has partnered with a technology trade in service, Boomerang BuyBack to facilitate HYPA Connect. This means that donors can have confidence that donating a phone to HYPA is safe and secure, and that our clients always get a reliable device.

How HYPA Connect works:

  • People donate old, but still working phones
  • Phones are sent to the third-party technology buy-back service – Boomerang BuyBack
  • Boomerang BuyBack securely wipe and refurbish the phones
  • Boomerang BuyBack provide HYPA with second hand, refurbished boxed phones with a charger.

Devices can still be donated at SYC Head Office – 135-139 Currie Street Adelaide SA 5000. More information about HYPA Connect and the donations we can accept can be found at www.twofeetcampaign.net.au/donate/hypa-connect-phone-drive