Our HYPA team in Victoria recently collaborated with EACH, Headspace and Maroondah City Council to run an event during Mental Health Week.

The event was aimed at helping young people build awareness of their wellbeing and how it can affect the rest of their life. Participants learnt strategies for improving mental health and acquired tools they could immediately take away and use – all in a fun, no-pressure environment.  For us it was also a great opportunity to network with other youth support services and come together on a common passion. 103 people attended the venue at EV’s Youth Centre.

The Concept

A significant part of overcoming personal barriers is ‘getting comfortable with discomfort’. The discomfort is often a sign of change and growth. As cosy and compelling as it may be – real growth doesn’t often happen in our comfort zone. In fact, it is at the edge of the comfort zone that people begin to truly discover their strengths and potential.

comfort zone food

Inside the Comfort Zone

At the centre of the event venue we set up a literal ‘Comfort Zone’. The space was designed to be as cosy and compelling as possible, with couches, pillow cushions, mood lighting, lava lamps, food and chill-out music softly playing in the background.  Participants don’t have to ever leave the comfort zone if they don’t want to. However, some inspiring posters around the venue promoted the rewards of taking action.

Outside the Comfort Zone

The action they could take, if they chose, is to participate in any of the several activities, presentations, workshops and games that they could see going on around them in the venue. Each activity had a theme of improving your wellbeing and mental health. Activities are detailed below.

minute to win

The Reward

Anyone who participates in an activity, gets a ‘You Did It Ticket’. Participants put their tickets collected into a lucky draw to win exciting prizes. The more activities they took part in, the higher the probability of winning. This worked as a metaphor for the rewards that come from stepping out of your comfort zone.



We wrapped things up with 8 participants winning prizes at the lucky draw. Young people could see that getting out your comfort zone in life, brings rewards. You might make a new friend, achieve something, have fun or learn something that could change your life.  

We want to thank the organisations who came together to make this event happen. Teams on the day did such an excellent job of keeping young people engaged and showing them something new. Thank you to the youth workers and school coordinators who brought their young people along. And of course – thank you to all the young people who participated and put themselves out there – well done!