Young person and coach share a celebratory ice cream

“Anne really wanted a full-time job and had a great attitude but could really benefit from talking things out and practicing new behaviours.  After applying for many positions Anne was offered a new job in a real estate agency that they were very excited about.

“I managed to create a relationship with the employer and would check in on how Anne was doing. The feedback I was getting was great and in my fortnightly meetings with Anne I could pass this on to help Anne feel more confident that the employer was happy.

“Over the last 4 months we have used the Sticking Together Project tools to help Anne become more confident in conflict resolution with customers and fellow employees and set up goals that Anne can achieve. They have become a valued member of the workplace and, with the use of role-playing and the Sticking Together Project tools, Anne is now mentoring an employee. Anne’s employers have seen the value of Anne and have paid for real estate training to further Anne’s career with the organisation.

“Anne now has plans to travel to Japan. Anne and I celebrated 4 successful months of full-time work and personal progress over Korean Ice-cream this week and it felt great!

Submitted by Sticking Together Project coach.