A workplace that is willing to make changes and commits to bringing out the best in their employees, can make all the difference. This has certainly been the case for Christine and Yasmin, two participants in our Disability Employment Services in Melbourne.

Katie Christine and Yasmin pose in uniform in front of work vehicle

Christine’s Story

The last time that Christine (centre) experienced formal, paid employment was in 1999. Her first priority for many years has been to family commitments, providing support to her daughter and young grandchildren. Her mental health and some family challenges were also a barrier to finding work.

A few months ago, Christine came to Job Prospects, wanting to find employment to provide more for the children in her care.

“[Job Prospects] have been working with me to find employment that is understanding and supportive of my family’s needs,” Christine said.

Although she had been unemployed for 20 years, Christine did have some experience in both caring for horses and retail. Her employment consultant worked with her to develop a resume, participate in Pre-Employment training and practice and prepare for interviews.

Unfortunately, several potential employers did not want to take her on because of the gap in her work history and her ongoing family commitments. Caitlin organised to support Christine in her next interview with a local cleaning and gardening company, where she was offered a work trial. The employer was so impressed with Christine’s preparation and research that she hired Christine just one hour into the trial.

The two made arrangements for on-the-job training and flexible hours so that Christine can work and still pick up her grandchildren from school.

Christine said, “Since starting work, I have been well supported by both Caitlin and Renee [from Job Prospects] and now my new employer Katie.”

Working with Katie

Katie and her husband operate their small business, Storm Maintenance, where they place a high value on their employees. Job Prospects has worked closely with their business to understand their recruitment needs and support candidates to be successful in their roles. Caitlin helped with many of the logistics of hiring, which allowed Katie to focus on how they could make the job work for everyone.

“Caitlin from Job Prospects quickly shortlisted candidates and organised interviews at a location that was convenient for us. Working with Caitlin has made it so much easier for us in finding, recruiting and employing the right candidate for the job,” Katie said.

Katie and partner Jimmy now take many of their job openings to Job Prospects. They also recently hired young mum and newlywed, Yasmin.

Yasmin’s Story

Yasmin (pictured below, right) hadn’t worked since the birth of her four-year-old daughter. She found the training and support offered at Job Prospects was effective in helping her find a job. She is now also benefiting from her employer’s commitment to training and flexibility.

Yasmin said, “I was about to get married and wanted to make sure we have the best possible start so contacted Job Prospects to register with them to help me find a job.

“Within 6 weeks of registering, I got married to the love of my life and Caitlin found me a job that that is understanding and supportive of my family’s needs.”

Katie Christine and Yasmin pose in front of Storm Maintenance vehicle