With today marking World Homeless Day 2016 (October 10) we wanted to highlight the ongoing work of HYPA Housing and the value it provides to the young people it has supported and the wider community after almost  25 years of providing transitional housing for young people experiencing homelessness.

HYPA Housing was established in 1992 with the purchase of a seven apartment complex in Adelaide’s CBD to support young people who, through situation or age, found it difficult to find stable, long term accommodation. In 2011, we broke ground on the first major expansion of HYPA Housing, which ultimately increased our supply of affordable housing for young people to 39 units.

Since 2011 alone we have supported 162 young people through HYPA Housing. That means providing them a twelve month lease so they have the safety and security of a home, which enables them to engage in education, training and/or employment.

“Making sure our young people are engaging in work or learning is a crucial part of the HYPA Housing model as these are important pillars that will help pave the way for an independent and self sufficient life into their future,” said SYC CEO Paul Edginton. “On this front we achieved a significant milestone last year, as we had our first active HYPA client and HYPA Housing tenant, Raechel, graduate from university.”


Rachael, our very first HYPA Housing university graduate

By acting as a stepping stone from homelessness to independence the model is also about more than just providing a roof over a young person’s head. Our Case Managers, Mentors, Volunteers and on-site Caretakers also work with our tenants to develop their independent living skills, from learning how to budget to managing their relationships with peers and neighbours.

With case management support and a rental history behind them, our tenants have a much greater likelihood of acquiring private rental accommodation at the end of their lease, which benefits the community as a whole.

Mr Edginton explained how.

“We recently looked at our impact in northern Adelaide over a two year period after the opening of two new HYPA Housing complexes. What we found was that for an investment of just $15,000 per young person per year HYPA Housing reaps a lifetime benefit of $457,000 per person by increasing the income benefits of education and reducing the future costs of housing, health and justice services.”


We know that the model works and that’s why we’re constantly looking for new partners to help us expand the impact and benefit of HYPA Housing. Contact ldimas@syc.net.au to find out how you can work with us and more immediately, if you or someone you know is experiencing homelessness or at risk of homelessness, contact HYPA on 1300 306046 or visit www.hypa.net.au for more information.