Cameron likes pretty much any music. Except country music. He likes video games and playing basketball. He even played for a state team when he was in high school. He also enjoys going for a drive along the beach with his support worker Zahni and chatting about life.

Cameron works with support workers at SYC through our NDIS service. They meet regularly to establish and work on goals in all areas of life. His current goals include finding employment in construction, getting fit and healthy and being able to visit his 2-year-old son who lives in NSW.

“Staff at SYC have given me really good support workers. They help me with my daily activities and appointments and I really enjoy spending time with them.”

Since working with SYC, he has been able to stop his drug use and begin drug counselling with the aim of quitting for good.

“I feel great man. I thought I was never gonna be able to quit.”

Cameron and Zahni have also been catching up in the kitchen. He would like to live more independently in the future, so being able to prepare healthy food for himself is important.

He says that the workers at SYC have made a big difference to his overall wellbeing.

“My worker Zahni has been amazing, always there for me, supports me with everything that I choose to do, and is awesome to be around. I wouldn’t change her for the world.

“Z cares. Whenever I was feeling down, I’d call and she’d talk me through it.”