Build Your Career is a Foundation Skills course that provides an opportunity for people looking to start work in the construction industry. It combines on-the-job construction training with classroom based and online learning, all delivered by qualified and experienced trainers.

Learner support staff are also on hand throughout the program, helping participants to overcome any challenges with their learning and to stay on track. They help each person develop a personal resume and a plan for achieving their work and study goals after the course.

Eight out of the nine graduates from the first program gained employment after completing. Six of the nine participants in the second program have already secured work trials since their final day of the program two weeks ago.

working on construction site

Phoenix was a full-time dad before starting the course.

“But I’m 20 now, you know. I want to start working and provide for my daughter.”

Phoenix hasn’t finished school but found that the course contained many things he would have done in a Year 12 subject. He was surprised at how much he learned through the course, above and beyond construction skills.

“I had already done some construction in a Cert II course, but I actually really liked the classroom part.”

He said that he was noticing the benefits of the Foundation Skills units in all parts of his work.

“I really improved in maths, literacy and little things like writing a professional email which can make all the difference.”

“I’d recommend this course to anyone who has dropped out of school or needs some support with reading and writing.”

The course has opened up new opportunities for Phoenix. He thinks his next move will be to get in to university and study either civil construction or maybe even youth work.

Paul had some casual work at a family business but wanted to be working more. He had thought about construction a bit in the past but had never gotten started.

His employment consultant at Job Prospects referred him to try the Build Your Career course.

“The course was great and really helpful,” Paul said.

He would recommend the course to anyone who is interested in getting some construction experience. He also said the course improved his confidence overall and he is now looking for full-time work in construction.

young man doing concreting in high visibility top

The course ended with a graduation and networking event for all the participants. This was attended by a range of local contractors who were looking for casual staff, longer-term positions and apprenticeships. The course graduates were able to approach these employers with their newly updated resumes for consideration.

Build Your Career is delivered full time for 10 weeks. Download the flyer or register online. You can also contact our learning team for more information via