What changes are occurring and why? 

The key point to make is that the SYC name remains unchanged. However, it is fair to say that our organisation has grown a lot since it started as the “Service to Youth Council” over 60 years ago! As CEO Mark Hoffman-Davis explained, “The key change is that not only does SYC continue to make a positive impact on young Australians, but our initiatives now inspire and help people of all ages.” 

As such, our organisation wanted an updated brand identity that reflects the SYC of today, while aligning ourselves to our exciting future ahead. Emphasis will be made on how the company’s name reflects the positive impacts delivered to clients, including: 

  • Strengthen your capabilities 
  • Show your courage 
  • Showcase your creativity 
  • Strengthen your confidence 

How did this change occur? 

The evolution of the SYC brand certainly did not happen overnight! Over many months, this process has involved valuable input from a variety of stakeholders. “It has been an exciting journey to reach this point,” noted Marketing & Communications Manager Ben Luks. “The Marketing Team have spent a lot of time engaging with staff across all levels of SYC to develop and refine the new brand message. These collective efforts have culminated in a refreshed brand that really encapsulates the inclusive, aspirational and innovative qualities of SYC.” 

Leading marketing agency, Simple, provided strategic input and expertise in the development of the new brand assets. Working closely with Simple’s creative team, we are proud to go live with a brand that encapsulates the incredible outcomes achieved by SYC’s work, and the work our service providers deliver every day. 

How will this affect HYPA and Job Prospects? 

We have been really proud of what SYC has achieved through its HYPA and Job Prospects brands. Although, a marketing challenge we have faced in recent years is that clients and partners are not aware that these great divisions are actually associated with SYC. In order to increase the awareness and reach of these initiatives, we concluded that unifying the HYPA and Job Prospects brands under the new SYC brand will enable us to better connect and communicate with our clients and the communities we work with. 

Ben Luks added, “SYC has such a broad and diverse scope of services offerings across areas such as housing, education, employment and community services. If we can communicate this full scope of services more holistically under a unified SYC brand, we can clearly demonstrate the positive impact our organisation has in the community.” 

What changes will I be seeing? 

There are two key changes that will be occurring as part of this brand update. Firstly, the words “by SYC” will be added to the end of SYC’s program names, including HYPA Housing and the Sticking Together Project. This is similar to the approach we took when we launched The Foundry with the official brand name “The Foundry by SYC.” 

The other key change is that Job Prospects will be rebranded under SYC. This decision was made in line with the Australian Government’s new employment services contract that is commencing in mid-2022. Obviously, this will be a big change and will require a longer transition time to implement as smoothly as possible. Further details about this transition will be provided in due course. 

A New Chapter for SYC 

In summary, we see our new brand identity as more of an evolution rather than a revolution. The core of the SYC identity remains unchanged, but the overall messaging reflects the broader impact our organisation is now making in society. As Mark Hoffman-Davis concluded, “The ultimate culmination of this brand refresh is in the new SYC value proposition to clients – ‘so you can.’ For us, this encapsulates everything our organisation stands for. No matter what you want to achieve, with SYC it’s possible!”