We have a relentless belief in people and their potential, and this belief goes back more than 60 years to our beginnings as an organisation.  

Over the last six decades, we’ve grown a lot. From a small group of volunteers providing youth-specific services in Adelaide, we now have hundreds of employees and work with people of all ages and backgrounds across Australia in areas of education, employment, housing and more. 

Under three brand identities: SYC, HYPA and Job Prospects, we’ve supported thousands of people to achieve wellbeing and independence. But, as we look ahead to the next 60 years, we want to continue to grow and evolve as one. 

What changes are occurring and why?  

We will now operate under the one refreshed SYC brand identity. With one brand, we can more seamlessly connect, inspire and support the communities we work with, our clients and our staff. 

Before bringing our HYPA and Job Prospects home under the one brand, we had some work to do to make the SYC name mean something more. 

For many years people have known us as Service to Youth Council, the name under which we were founded. A lot has changed, and we have since become known as just SYC, but these letters alone were not enough to express just how much we’ve grown. They also didn’t represent our values or the impact of our work. 

While our name isn’t changing from SYC, we’ve invested in giving that name a meaning that embodies our intent as an organisation. That meaning is represented by our new brand tagline: so you can. 

What does SYC mean today? 

To help people connect and understand what we do, we have a series of statements that focus on the results of our impact.  

 These statements are: 

Start your climb, Shift your course, Strengthen your capabilities, Show your courage, Share your challenges, Showcase your creativity, Steer your career, and Spark your curiosity.  

The culmination of these statements is the so you can tagline. This statement underpins our identity, values and intent as a leading non-profit human services organisation. 

 As CEO Mark Hoffman-Davis explained, “The ultimate culmination of this brand refresh is the new SYC value proposition to clients – ‘so you can.’ For us, this encapsulates everything our organisation stands for. No matter what you want to achieve, with SYC, it’s possible.”