Since moving into his own HYPA Housing apartment Brahdilleone’s marks went from D’s to B’s and A’s and he has been able to complete his SACE and start studying a Diploma of Enrolled Nursing.

“Being provided a safe space to study and relax allowed me to complete my SACE and start studying nursing, which has been my dream job for basically as long as I remember, so I’m thrilled to be doing that,” Brahdilleone said.

“HYPA Housing gave me stability, control and support over my life. For the first time I have been able to plan my study, when and what I am going to eat in an environment where I have been able to build friendships with other HYPA Housing tenants and others in my community. My overall quality of life has increased exponentially,” he said.

Brahdilleone will be living in a HYPA Housing apartment for another 12 months by which time he will have finished his diploma and plans to gain paid work in the aged care sector. He wants to move into a private rental property and ensure he takes care of his personal health and wellbeing as he has been doing in HYPA Housing. Brahdilleone has learnt skills that will support his next stage in life including cooking and cleaning classes, a budgeting workshop, general life skills and a lifelong community of friends and support network that he will remain in contact with after exiting.