Cost effectiveness
Offering entry-level roles to young people is typically a more cost-effective option, particularly when paired with apprenticeship and traineeship opportunities. It can also save on future recruitment costs with a better internal talent pool to promote to new opportunities.

Psychologically, young people appear to have an inbuilt optimism and ability to anticipate and adapt to change.

A willingness to learn
Young people can be more adaptable and mouldable to learning an employer’s way of working because they have limited prior experience to “unlearn”.

Creating a shared organisational culture
Employers can instill their organisational values and ‘shape’ employees to fit their ways of working, particularly when paired with mentoring or buddy programs.

Insights and connections into market
Young people often represent a key customer base for most businesses and can provide useful insights into valuable markets.

Aiding staff retention
First jobs that are offered with training tend to enhance loyalty and reduce staff turnover, which helps to maintain productivity and reduce recruitment costs.

Competitive advantage
Considering the full range of candidates ensures the best possibility of denying competitors access to talented young people.

Innovation and energy
Young people can bring new ideas and knowledge into the business, particularly in emerging and changing markets.

Preparing for the future
Developing a pipeline of viable internal candidates for succession, reducing organisational risk and knowledge loss.

Diversity of perspectives and experience
A diverse mix of employees can improve team performance, understanding and workplace pride.

Everyone has to start somewhere. Our My First Job 2.0 Working Group came together to seek best practice in youth employment in Australia. See the recommendations here.

Article adapted from UK Commission for Employment and Skills report, “Why business should recruit young people” as supporting evidence for our My First Job 2.0 initiative.

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