Our Transition to Work teams are always looking for exciting new ways to introduce young people to work and employability.

This month the HYPA North Team ran their famous Amazing Race! OK sure. There were no flights to exotic locations. There was no life-changing cash prize up for grabs and there wasn’t a 10 person camera crew and weekly tv show to cover it. But…

The 2018 HYPA North TtW Amazing Race was a fantastic opportunity for young people in our community to get a head start on their search for work. Just like the first race held in 2016, it proved to be a huge hit with the young people who came. They worked their way through the checkpoints and challenges set up at various locations around Elizabeth, like pros.

A tightly contested paper toss game determined the starting order for the 3 teams. They then began their adventure with a stop at NASC (Northern Adelaide Senior College) where they had to solve a find-a word puzzle before getting their next clue. Job Prospects Elizabeth office was checkpoint 2, where they were tasked with matching resumes to job vacancies online before getting their envelope to move on to checkpoint 3.

Bank SA Elizabeth hosted the 3rd checkpoint. Sue and Graeson had gone above and beyond with decorations, a fun money quiz and a fantastic gift bag for each participant. There were lots of laughs and good banter here and everyone came out with a much more positive perception about banks at the end!

Sue said: “What a pleasure to be involved in The Amazing Race! The young people really were amazing and showed a genuine interest in our business. They all left with big smiles on their faces which made us feel the same!”

Next up was the pit stop challenge at Baker’s Delight. Store-owner, Yvonne had prepared trays of delicious lemon pie samples to be offered to passers-by. All of the teams did a brilliant job in engaging with customers and encouraging them to “try and buy”. Yvonne and her staff put through multiple sales of the featured product in the time we were there.

“I really enjoyed interacting with the teams. It was nice to see them taking initiative and interacting with the customers. We made around $80 in sales as a direct result of their hard work,” Yvonne said.

The participants said they found this challenging, but by the end, they were feeling a lot more confident and comfortable with selling.

Watching other people eat delicious food for an hour meant the obvious choice for the next destination was the lunch stop. The racers got their clue to end up at Subway for a bite to eat – but not before ticking off some bonus point challenges. They had to find someone to buy a coffee for and ask for a quick selfie with someone in uniform.

The second half of the day began with a good walk to the Playford Library. Jamie had prepared an awesome challenge for our young people to learn how to locate items amongst the thousands of resources available to borrow. Our teams had a great time navigating the aisles in search of books, dvds and games, taking the opportunity to ask for assistance when required. Although it was possibly the toughest task for the day, it was highly enjoyed and prompted a couple of enquiries about joining up.

Next our Amazing Racers needed to get in touch with their musical side at Northern Sound System (NSS). Our host Tommy opened up his in-house recording studio to allow the teams to see and learn how to put together a musical piece using a high-end mixing machine. As with all the experiences on the day, Tommy’s offering brought smiles to everyone’s faces as they got to get hands-on and then listen back to their own work. Some real talent emerged here and everyone would have loved to stay longer.

So with the checkpoints found, challenges completed and points tallied, another paper toss helped to decide the clear winner.

Congratulations to the team “PEW NEWS” aka Josh and Olivia who were the lucky winners!

Of course the real test is – What the young people have to say?

“It was a really fun experience to be able to go out and meet new people and learn about local businesses.” – Olivia

“Very creative and insightful. I would love to do it again!” – Kasey

“Really good day overall. Learnt lots of life skills and made some new friends” – Candace

“It helped me gain confidence in talking to people. It was really fun and I’d do it again” – Alicia

“Met new people which was great and the business people were really friendly. It was challenging and exciting and the people in the race were fantastic!” – Josh