Earlier this year, she was handing out resumes in a shopping mall with her employment consultant Robyn, and she saw the Bakers Delight store. “I want to work there,” she decided. So Robyn supported her to approach the store and speak to the owner, Yvonne.

Alyssa was brave and began to introduce herself. Yvonne politely said that she would really like to see Alyssa return and demonstrate that she could have the interaction alone. Alyssa had some reservations about doing this, so Robyn and Alyssa walked another lap around the mall to take some time to prepare and build up the courage. After introducing herself to Yvonne again, Alyssa was successful in being invited to an interview, and then a work trial.

Alyssa is now working 8 hours per week in the store, serving customers, using the till, cleaning, doing general housekeeping and even buying items for the store when needed.

“She’s trying very hard and fitting in well. We are aiming to have Alyssa working independently in the very near future,” Yvonne said.

Alyssa’s enthusiasm and dedication to doing her best has been really pleasing to everyone involved and her team at Job Prospects can’t wait to see how she progresses over the coming months.

Alyssa and Yvonne work together at the Bakers Delight till

Another Disability Employment Consultant, Jade, has been instrumental in providing support to both Alyssa and her employer Yvonne. Jade has even spent some time working alongside Alyssa behind the counter to help her feel confident in the role and put strategies in place to improve over time.

Alyssa says, “This job is awesome! I like serving customers. The cleaning  is fun and the hours are good. Everyone is really friendly and no-one puts me down.”