When Abshir came to Job Prospects, Sunshine as a Job Seeker in 2010, he didn’t think it would be the beginning of the successful career path he is enjoying today.

Initially, Abshir spent 12 months looking for work. He then successfully gained a position as an employment consultant with job Prospects, Broadmeadows. Over the following years, Abshir moved across multiple sites gaining skills and experience. In 2017, he successfully won the position of Site Manager, Moonee Ponds, where he is positioned today.

 “From job seeker to site manager with SYC has been an amazing journey. I have learnt so many skills and met many inspirational people along the way,” Abshir said.

“Being a job seeker for over 12 months means I am more effective in my role. I can directly relate to the job seeker’s emotions and experiences and I can also share these insights with my colleagues,” Abshir said.

Abshir immigrated to Australia with his family when he was a teenager. This experience allows him to make a connection with clients from similar backgrounds, and also inspire them with his own personal success story.

“Our clients come from a diversity of cultural and disadvantaged backgrounds. Because my family immigrated to Australia, I am passionate about supporting new Australians on their own journeys,” Abshir said.

“Supporting one job seeker successfully into work has a ripple effect within families and communities. It creates change. When family and friends see the positive impact working and earning an income has on one’s quality of life and confidence, it motivates others to follow in their footsteps,” he said.

For Abshir and his team, it is about celebrating the small wins and supporting each client on their own personal journey into employment.

“My team all work together to achieve the same goal for job seekers. We celebrate all clients achievement no matter how big or small, as they are all in the right direction,” Abshir said.

“We don’t just find people jobs. We want to get job seekers into sustainable employment and this is done by supporting the whole person with any barriers they face.

“My job is very rewarding. I love supporting our clients on their journeys. There is no other job I would rather be doing,” Abshir said.