David Hallett has always had a keen interest in business and finance, and at the age of 25, he became Managing Director of his first company, beginning a long and successful career in organisational management.

David’s global experience has provided him with a breadth of knowledge, which he feels privileged to be able to share with others through his community engagement roles, including Chairperson for SYC.

 “I have been fortunate in my life and unfortunately not everyone has the same opportunities I have had,” David said.

“As Chairperson of SYC, I love that I can use my business knowledge to make a positive impact in the lives of people less fortunate in our community.”

David joined SYC as a board member in 2006, and became chairperson in 2010, and over that time the organisation experienced substantial growth in scope, revenue and footprint.

“My role is to provide support to the CEO and the executive team of SYC,” David explained.

“It is critical that they are provided with the environment, resources, tools and training they need to excel in their roles.”

David and SYC’s board members share a broad skillset and experience, ensuring all factors are considered when planning and strategizing for the organisation.

“In terms of skillset and performance, we have one of the most effective boards in Australia,” David said.

“I think SYC can grow to turnover $100m annually by the year 2025 and to do that we need to constantly evaluate, review and update our strategy to make sure we are ahead of the game, we can never be complacent.”

SYC’s CEO Paul Edginton has worked closely with David Hallett over his 12 years on the board and feels he has been a fundamental aspect of SYC’s success during this time.

“Our organisation is fortunate to have the skillset and expertise of David Hallett as Chairperson of our board,” Paul said.

“David is a brilliant Chair. He has keen interest in leadership best practice and focuses us on continually improving our performance.

“His business insight and strategic input is significant and this has played an important role in our evolution in recent years. He always makes himself available, dedicating the time and energy we need to be the best organisation we can be.

“I am looking forward to working with David in the coming years as we transition to ‘one SYC’ and continue to evolve our organisation to have greater impact in the lives of more Australians.”