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As 60 Stories for 60 Years comes to an end, it is clear through our wide array of stories that SYC has made a positive impact in the lives of countless Australians. Whilst programs, services and locations have differed and expanded, the core values and beliefs have remained consistent and strong throughout our 60 year history. See all the stories here.

From humble beginnings, working with a few hundred young people in Adelaide, we now support over 55,000 clients of all ages, nationally, every year. We have now helped three generations of people to find a safe place to sleep, develop new skills, gain and sustain employment, finish school and reconnect with their families.

Some of SYC’s early initiatives have shaped the way we support people. The SYC Information Van, Oxford Club, The Rental Kit, and the City Survival Guide all show a commitment to giving people the tools and information to build an independent and prosperous future.

In 1958 SYC started supporting young people at risk of or experiencing homelessness, something the organisation is still dedicated today. The development of the Streetwork initiative, The Underground, Trace-A-Place and then HYPA Housing shows our passion for supporting the needs of young people in crisis and working with them to find stability. Something they have a part in creating for themselves.

We believe sustained work is a major contributor to long-term independence and prosperity, for individuals, their families and the broader community. Our experience over the years had led to a number of initiatives like our Sticking Together Project which continues to go from strength to strength.

We are proud of the outstanding achievements made by the people we support each and every day. This may be supporting a job seeker into sustainable employment like Elizabeth or Adele. Transitioning a young person experiencing homelessness into housing, educations and work like Terence or Kwame, or supporting someone to finish their Secondary education through our Alternative Learning programs.

60 stories for 60 years has also highlighted how the people that work at SYC are passionate and dedicated to helping others. From Scott, Margaret and Di who have been with the company for two decades to some of our more recent employees Kylie, Abshir and Yasir. They all follow a similar philosophy that everyone deserves the opportunity to better their situation.

For six decades we have devoted ourselves to helping people achieve stability and prosperity in their lives. We’ve shown that but that our passion and commitment to those in need has been our fuel to continually extend and deepen our services.

While this is the end of our 60 stories, there are many more stories still to be told.