The purpose of an annual report is to provide a comprehensive overview of an organisations activities and financial performance throughout a financial year.

SYC not only celebrates the year that was and achievements made, we also use this report to foreshadow the strategic direction over the coming year. Another theme throughout the last 6 decades has been a focus on people and their stories. In the report from 1969 quotes from young people were printed:

“SYC helped me through a rough period and helped me to think more definitely about my problem for which I am very thankful”

“I found the SYC worker had a great steadying influence on me which enabled me to take a more realistic view of my problem.”

“My contact with an SYC worker taught me to help myself … This has helped me overcome many subsequent problems.”

“They helped my family relationship and helped me discover my illness.”

“Much of my confidence was restored when I took part in the office training course. I was encouraged to try hard at whatever task I attempted.”

The reports have also featured many varied forms of artwork and comics.

In 2017, for the first time, in conjunction with the release of the Annual Report, SYC also released the Impact Report. SYC’s Impact Report explains the measurement of progress made by the people we work with and what effect this has on the community. We know from this measurement and analytics work that for every $1 of Government funding invested in SYC services, provides a return to the community of $8.48.

Whilst we have no obligation to deliver the Impact Report, we fill it is a valuable addition to the Annual Report and both continue to show the positive work achieved as well as our aspirations into the future.

All most all of SYC’s Annual Reports, are available in the State Library of South Australia, the State where SYC was founded and where Head Office is still. The reports show not only the growth of SYC over that period of time, but also the changing landscape of our community and society.

See our digital collection of recent reports and our impact report.